Synaesthesia: (noun) the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body.

Chromesthesia: (noun) a type of synesthesia in which heard sounds automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of color.

The following paintings are the outcome of the chromatic sensation generated by various sounds & tastes.

1. Clove Love


Tang Tower.

Clove is one of the most familiar spices with its distinct shape. This nail-shaped spice is actually a dried, unopened flower bud from a tropical evergreen tree. It is sharp edged, Warm-sweet-intense flavour.

I popped in a couple of cloves and started to paint the way I felt about it. Notice the painting in the longitudinal direction starting at its peak, The straight stark lines indicate the pokey sensation it created in the mouth. The moment it starts soaking in the mouth, The lines are represented to be more blunt and stubby. The flavour is represented in warm colours of red, The sweet flavour is shown in the colours of yellow which is persistent. The green indicates the discrete intense taste in the spice.

As the clove softened in the mouth, more flavour was disseminated. There was a wallop sense of crisp tastes that blended towards the end and created a exploding sensation that is marked by thick shades of red and red consorted together.

2. Tawa Pulao


Pulao Impasto

I futher painted this dish called ‘Tawa Pulao’ which is one of the popular street foods of India. Tawa Pulao is Rice tossed with vegetables and spices with a dash of butter. It is usually prepared on the same tawa or griddle on which street vendors make pav bhaji. That is why the name Tawa Pulao.

Clove is one the main spices used in the preparation of Tawa Pulao. The warm colours with the tinge of green used in the technique of impasto  (thick textured acryclic colours have been used) indicate the stir of various ingredients.

3. Chromatic Resonance


Earth Kisses Sky

Prem Joshua is a talented man. He manages to play so many instruments at ease. His song ‘Earth Kisses Sky’ features steady indentations and sublime melodies. My visual imagination starts right at the centre of the above painting. There is growth and depth as each second passes. There is evolution of many tones. Each ring around the centre shows the depth and variation in the acoustic instruments used. The song beings with a zephyr of cool tones, escalates into powerful timbre and finally leaves a fresh soothing feeling towards the end. You must listen to Prem Joshua’s ‘Earth Kisses Sky’ while you look into the painting.

4. Chroma-Space


Time – Inception

This painting is like a tribute to the greatest composer ever, Hans Zimmer.  Often utilising sporadic tones and rhythms, Zimmer always manages to leave an impact behind. He’s fantastic. Each colour tone in the above painting is a glyph of the rhythm. I started to see the dynamism in the painting while I marked every stroke. The different hues in the painting are indicative of the kinetic progression I saw. Suggest you to look at the painting while you listen to “Time” by Hans Zimmer.